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CRACK Spitfire Albion

Spitfire Albion: The Ultimate Cinematic Scoring Tools

If you are looking for a comprehensive and versatile collection of modern cinematic scoring tools, you should definitely check out Spitfire Albion. This is a series of six products, each with a unique theme and sound, that provide everything you need to create breathtaking TV, film, games, and trailer scores, as well as adding cinematic, hybrid orchestral elements to pop, electronic music, and beyond.


What is Spitfire Albion?

Spitfire Albion is a range of orchestral sample libraries that were recorded in some of the most prestigious venues in the UK, such as the Lyndhurst Hall at AIR Studios in London, Castle Sound in Edinburgh, and the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. These libraries feature a variety of orchestral ensembles, from a 109-piece symphony orchestra to a chamber-sized group, performing a range of classic and progressive techniques. In addition, each library also includes a cinematic percussion section, a collection of warpable loops designed by award-winning engineers, and a powerful synth engine that can create stunning pads, textures, and atmospheres.

What are the different Spitfire Albion products?

The Spitfire Albion series consists of six products, each with its own character and focus. Here is a brief overview of each one:

  • Albion ONE: This is the flagship product of the series, and the most versatile one. It features a 109-piece orchestra, accompanied by thunderous cinematic percussion, recorded at the world-famous Lyndhurst Hall at AIR Studios in London. It also includes an enormous steam synthesiser that can create epic hybrid sounds. Albion ONE is suitable for any genre and style of music, from blockbuster scores to pop songs.

  • Albion Tundra: This product explores the edge of silence, capturing the delicate and intimate sounds of a 100-piece orchestra playing at the very edge of their breath. It also includes a selection of evocative percussion instruments, such as bowed cymbals, waterphones, and crotales. Albion Tundra is ideal for creating atmospheric and minimalistic music that can evoke mystery, suspense, or emotion.

  • Albion NEO: This product combines the intimacy and definition of a chamber-sized orchestra with the modern sound design capabilities of eDNA and loops. It also features a range of organic sounds, such as guitars, vocals, and ethnic instruments. Albion NEO is perfect for creating contemporary scores that blend orchestral and electronic elements in a fresh and innovative way.

  • Albion Solstice: This product celebrates the sound of folk and world music traditions, featuring a 36-piece orchestra playing with unconventional techniques and articulations. It also includes a variety of folk instruments, such as mandolins, dulcimers, accordions, and bagpipes. Albion Solstice is inspired by the past but designed for the present, offering a rich palette of sounds that can add warmth and character to any genre of music.

  • Albion Uist: This product focuses on the dark and progressive side of orchestral music, featuring a 80-piece orchestra playing with aggressive and dissonant expressions. It also includes a massive percussion section that can create thundering impacts and rhythms. Albion Uist is designed for creating thrilling and tense music that can suit horror, sci-fi, or action genres.

  • Albion Colossus: This is the latest and most ambitious product of the series, featuring a 140-piece orchestra playing with epic power and intensity. It also includes a colossal percussion section that can create earth-shattering sounds. Albion Colossus is the ultimate tool for creating cinematic music that can rival any Hollywood blockbuster.

How to get Spitfire Albion?

You can purchase each Spitfire Albion product individually from the [Spitfire Audio website], or you can get them all in one bundle for a discounted price. You will need to download the [Spitfire Audio App] to install and manage your libraries. You will also need to have [Kontakt Player], which is a free software that allows you to play Spitfire Albion libraries in your DAW (digital audio workstation). Spitfire Albion libraries are compatible with NKS, which means you can use them with any hardware controller that supports this standard.

Why choose Spitfire Albion?

Spitfire Albion is a series of products that offer unparalleled quality, versatility, and creativity for modern composers and producers. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will find something that suits your needs and inspires your imagination. With Spitfire Albion, you can create music that sounds realistic, expressive, and cinematic, without compromising on performance or ease of use. Spitfire Albion is not just a collection of sounds, but a collection of stories that you can tell with your music.


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