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Blender Market €? Flip Fluids V1.0.7 For Blender ##TOP##

The plugin asks the user provide vanishing lines based on a reference photo. BLAM can then automatically reconstruct the geometry. This makes it easy to reproduce real-world architecture such as a room or a staircase within blender using only a photo.

Blender Market – Flip Fluids v1.0.7 for Blender

Unfortunately the Vitamix Blending Cups and Blending Bowls purchased in or from the United States are not compatible with Vitamix Ascent Series A2300i, A2500i, and A3500i machines. The Blending Cups and Blending Bowls are designed specifically for use with Vitamix Ascent Series high-performance blenders in the U.S. only. Vitamix is working to design Blending Cups and Blending Bowls for use with A2300i, A2500i, and A3500i machines in Europe, and will announce the release of those containers at a later date.

You can extend the original warranty by three years for any new or Certified Reconditioned blender in our C-, G-, or Personal Series, as long as your unit is still covered under its orginal warranty! Find out more by contacting our customer care team at 1-800-848-2649.

Each Ascent Series blender stands 17 inches tall with the lid in place, so these units will fit beneath most standard cabinets! We recommend measuring how much space you have from the bottom of your cupboards to the top of your counter to be sure you have enough space.


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