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Microsoft Outlook V16.66 ~UPD~

Microsoft announced that starting with the forthcoming November 2022 update (v16.67) to Office 365 desktop applications for Macs, macOS Big Sur 11 or later will be required. The October 2022 update (v16.66) will be their last build that supports macOS Catalina 10.15.x.

Microsoft Outlook v16.66

As of October 11, 2022, UCSF IT Field Services support Office for Mac v16.66 and recommends users update Microsoft applications on their Macs to the latest supported version as it contains security updates. We currently do not block Microsoft Autoupdate on managed Macs except for beta channel and previews. You may follow Microsoft's instructions at the website below to update Microsoft applications on your Mac or wait for our next patching cycle using BigFix: -us/office/update-office-for-mac-automatically-bfd1e497-c24d-4754-92ab-910a4074d7c1

On a brand new VM I installed outlook 2021 and KOC 9.4.1 and the email are all displyed correctly as HTML message i compared outlook setting, i did't find any difference UPDATE, now after few days from my test on VM I checked again and with my surprise also the VM show all massages as text.

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i have installed ablebits auto bcc on my laptop to use on outlooki have now a second laptop .. can i have it on both laptops or must i uninstall it from the one and activate on the otheralso where to find the activation key ?thank you

Right now I am using Mac Mail in parallel to be able to search all my mails from exchange and use outlook mainly for calendars. It's a ****** setup, but at least it works for now. Hoping for software updates soon.

Thanks to Jason's answer and some additional tweaks, we managed to generate oauth token using but only for office365 users (Organization Accounts) and not to Microsoft users account (live, hotmail,

Unfortunately we cannot find a way to generate same token for Microsoft online accounts (hotmail, live, We tried using this endpoint: _authorize.srf which allow only activesync and not EWS.

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