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steam_api.dll free download | DLL‑

when you enter the game, you are greeted by the sound of a little girl that is being attacked by zombies. youll never forget the sound of that little girl screaming. you walk through a few areas to get to a safe house. you notice the place is deserted and you cant find any of the survivors.

download steam api.dll for resident evil 6

in a well-populated area of the city, youll be walking along the streets in the streets and when you spot a zombie youll start shooting. if you move, youll notice the game automatically send you to a shop to replenish your weapons.

resident evil 2 is a survival horror game. when a crisis hits, youre a special agent in the special tactics and rescue service (strangely enough, this is an actual branch of the us military called the s.t.a.r.s). a city becomes infested with a fast-spreading viral infection (zombie) and you had to find some ways to stop it. you play as leon s. kennedy, a veteran of the g.i.s. unit who had to help find answers to this new kind of virus.

please backup your steamworks directory before uninstall and reinstall. you should be able to locate it under c:\program files (x86) or c:\program files. if you need help locating your steam directory, just ask. i will make an post guide how to do that for you.

open steamworks directory and go to c:/users/yourusername/appdata/local/steam/steamapps/common/re/re2/tools or where steam installed. in this directory there will be a folder named tools, inside of this folder will be the steam_api.dll.

if you cant get into your appdata folder, you can try to simply open steam and go into your steamappsmmon


e2 folder. in this folder should be a tools folder. in this folder should be the steam_api.dll


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