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[S5E21] The Girl With The Red Lightning

Team Flash races to the university and Nora realizes she can see what Cicada sees. Nora established a psychic link to Grace earlier in the season and it has affected her before. The downside is that Cicada can also see what Nora sees. Cicada leaves just as Team Flash arrives, leaving Nora with red lightning buzzing around her.

[S5E21] The Girl with The Red Lightning

This is my biggest problem with the whole team concepts on these shows. The hero has to be less than so everyone else has a purpose. Could you imagine if Aquaman was on Supergirl and how awkward it would be to try and force some aquatic scenario so he could help?

Barry and Iris are concerned about traces of the red lightning that surrounded Nora when she was active in the negative speed force. However, they still have the Cicada problem to deal with, so the team pushes on. They know that Grace plans to use the cryo-atomizer and the cure prototype, but they are not sure how. Sherloque states the silver lining: Grace has not yet put the atomizer to work, so she must not have all the technical elements she needs. 041b061a72


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