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[S2E8] Carry On __LINK__

Tellingly, Joseph (Eddie Spears) returns to camp to offer Ruth (Kasha Kropinski) some supplies, and to warn her that death is coming. Joseph's seen his fair share of it lately, but as he claims to have seen the White Spirit, his words feel particularly portentous. Furthermore, Joseph's presence give credibility to Mickey's (Phil Burke) claim that Sean's intentions for Ruth are misguided, and help carry over to the rather worrisome confrontation the two share near the episode's end.

[S2E8] Carry On

Speaking of tough, Juliette Barnes is busy in this episode blowing off the awkward sexual advance of Olivia Wentworth, the wife of billionaire Charlie Wentworth with whom Juliette was carrying on an affair. When her manager warns against creating a negative relationship with the power couple, Juliette snaps, "In case you haven't noticed, there's no one I can't say 'screw you' to."

Deeks: I carry a Beretta 92FS because the manual safety saved my ass one time during a gun snatch attempt by a junkie. And if the magazine ever jams, I can just pop a bullet straight into the chamber. (Holds out his gun for Kensi to take.) Take a look.Kensi: (Shakes her head.) Maybe some other time.

Due to the issues with its pacing, "Lake" feels incredibly rushed at times. The coin-dropping moment where Jeffrey reveals that he not only leads the case that keeps the Prescott dam up but that he and his family are descendants of the wicked man that built it, loses its luster within the mangled pace of the plot. There's no time for Jeffrey's confession to sink in before the dead are carrying him off toward the lake in a strange form of justice. However, for all its issues, Silverstone is the redeeming piece of "Lake." Her sorrowful yet firm performance as a grieving but determined mother helps keep viewers intrigued by the plot. The brief appearance from Heather Wynters is also a pleasure, as she reveals the historical significance that nearly accounts for the ending "Lake" tries to pull off. "Lake" certainly has its perks but some of its larger issues stand in the way of making it one of the series' stronger episodes.

Babies - Sally is looking after some baby hamsters, but how can she and Nick hold them right? Well, different animals hold their babies different ways. A trip to Ozzie-Wozz Outback will help them, Cat has some friends who know all about carrying babies! First up is Wilma the spider, who carries all her babies on her back. Then it's off to see Dilly the crocodile, she carries her babies in her mouth! And the last stop, Coco the Koala who uses a pouch to carry her little one. But how does that help Nick and Sally? Well all the babies were happiest with their moms, so they'll just leave them all together. Fast - It's a race to the treehouse, but Nick and Sally wish they could go as fast as an airplane! How about a peregrine? asks The Cat. What's that? The fastest creature in the world! His friend Perry the Peregrine Falcon will show them how fast he can be. Off to Steep-and-Deep Cliffs to meet him! Using Cat's special backpacks, the kids have wings like Perry's so they can fly through the air too. Perry shows them how he dives straight down to catch his food. Who wants to be as fast as an airplane, when you can be a peregrine falcon!

FMO has structured the loan and bond package with back-to-back cash flows. The bonds carry a zero-risk weight under National Bank of Georgia capital adequacy regulations and can be pledged for repo transactions with the central bank. This makes the structure attractive to both Bank of Georgia and FMO.

I guess before I start this comment, I want to honor the longstanding vocal supporters of Palestinian dignity and self-determination who have always spoken out against these policies, even though it's expected, we know that it is unjust to let the United States and Israel carry on with business as usual.

So I think McCollum's bill in particular comes as part of a growing movement to condition US aid to Israel, meaning to halt US aid to Israel in response to carrying out sweeping human rights abuses. Additionally, Reps Bernie Sanders or even Elizabeth Warren have openly confirmed their willingness to restrict US aid to Israel, meaning to withhold money from any Israeli institution or a military branch who is responsible for those human rights abuses. 041b061a72


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