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Unlike many in her party expressing their emotion, she remains calm since she has an immunity skill to suppress her emotions and is sometimes cold towards her party members, especially toward Ares after she secretly found out that it was him who banished her Red from her party. However she is welcoming to the new members to her party such as Tisse since she knows she is innocent and devoted to fight against the Demon but demands Tisse to follow her order not Ares. She is happy and loves her brother much since he helped her smile and get along with her party members but unfortunately without her Red supported for her party, she become the de facto leader of the Hero's party with authoritarian way since most of her members, especially Ares, feared and respected her because of her blessing and her superior fighting skill. It also given us a hinted from their childhood story that she had a brother complex which is so strong to cause her to quit as the Hero due to Ares' betrayal and later death. Ruti revealed she never wanted/dreamed to become a hero.

Dark Hero Party torrent Full


Shuto Katsaragi is the ultimate superhero otaku and would like nothing better than to become a hero like his idol Shiningman. However, being constantly ridiculed by his classmates for his ideals and his short height, makes Shuto think that he may never get a Hero's License. However, a chance encounter with the secret 'evil' organization Jackal changes his views on the modern-day heroes and that not all is what it seems. Enter the dark hero Ratman.

After successfully pulling off his first 'crime,' Shuto becomes more determined than ever to become the hero that he thinks he was meant to be. However, being unlicensed and hunted by the Hero Association isn't making things easy for him to fulfill his dream. And a chance to meet with some of his favorite heroes turns into a fight to the finish with the arrogant Ankaiser.

Shuto soon learns that having a license from the Hero Association may not be all that it's cracked up to be. After discovering the dark side to Ratman's powers and nearly sending Ankaiser to an early grave, Shuto begins to question whether true heroes exist in this day and age. His answer comes in the form of a trio of cafe waitresses on rollerblades, a masked pizza-delivery man, and his senpai Rio Kizaki, the daughter of the Hero Association's president.

Despite the loss he had suffered from Kreios, Shuto decides to press on as Ratman. Meanwhile, Crea's sister Mirea begins to feel closer towards Shuto. On the other side, Shuto has to contend with Fatman's new business rival, saving his sisters from a drug lord, dodge the attacks of a rampaging android and... go on his first date? Being a dark superhero is never easy.

Shuto is saved from being run over by Shiki Kazamori, a person who has real superpowers and seems to personify Shuto's idea of what a hero should be. However, Shuto doesn't realize that Shiki has a much darker secret and that his main goal is to obtain the S Gene... by EATING Ratman! Shuto's newest battle will become a fight for survival as Ratman is suddenly put in a life-or-death struggle with another S-Rank!

Welcome to Peter Pepper's grill, where the party never ends! Make massive burgers while avoiding edible enemies across over 100 stages stuffed with platforming puzzles and arcade action.Dining solo? We have a carefully curated menu of single-player stages to enjoy. If you're looking for a cooperative challenge, then we invite you to join forces with up to three friends and form the ultimate munch squad! But if you'd rather battle it out for control of the kitchen, choose to play as a pepper-slinging Chef or a menacing Food Foe in Battle Burger mode for 2-4 players!

Magic, bullets, and broadswords collide across this chaotic fantasy world brought to life by the unpredictable Tiny Tina. Roll your own multiclass hero and loot, shoot, slash, and cast your way through outlandish monsters and loot-filled dungeons on a quest to stop the tyrannical Dragon Lord. Join the party, throw on your adventuring boots, and be Chaotic Great!

As the hero of Ente Isla, Emilia Justina wears decorative silver armor with a golden trim that covers her torso, shoulders, and backside. There is a tiny opening right below her collar, below which is a golden crest situated above her breastplate, the bottom half of the armor opening in the front to show her waist, revealing a ruffled black skirt with white frills and leggings. Her knees and lower legs are clad in metallic boots with a similar look to her body armor, with matching arm-guards protecting her lower arms and elbows. While utilizing her full power, Emilia's hair turns a shade of bright silver and her eyes change to an orange-red hue. She can call forth her armor and sword at will, making the hero transformation instantaneous, though her transformation is dependent on the amount of magic power she has at her disposal.

During her crusade across Ente Isla, she fought alongside the Allied Knights Order in order to drive back the evil horde. Emilia defeated Lucifer in the West, freeing her home continent from the demon oppression. Although the hero believed she had killed him in the struggle, the fallen Angel survived the encounter and escaped, with Emilia being unaware of his continued existence. During her subsequent battles, she defeated the remaining three Demon Generals, taking out Adramelech in the North, forcing Alciel's retreat in the East, and slaying Malacoda in the South before proceeding to the central continent to confront the leader of the demons. With the help of Emerada, Albert, and the High Priest Olba, she proceeded to storm the Demon King's stronghold, engaging the evil tyrant in a fierce battle in which they overwhelmed the dark ruler, eventually slicing off one of his horns. Angered by his defeat, Satan declared he would leave Ente Isla in the hands of the humans, vowing one day to return and conquer it for himself. Opening a magical vortex in the sky, he fled to another world alongside Alciel. Emilia pursued him through the portal in order to finish their battle, but her companion, Olba Meyer, had failed to reach her in time.

Writer Grant Morrison and artist Richard Case took over the DC Comics series Doom Patrol in 1989 and, over the next four years, proceeded to infuse that fitfully published, perennially oddball title starring a small team of freakish, outcast superheroes created in 1963 with pure, uncut, pharmaceutical-grade craziness. Borrowing heavily from surrealist influences, they swapped out traditional villains for creations like the Brotherhood of Dada and the sinister, extradimensional Scissormen. They introduced new characters like Crazy Jane, a woman who evinced 64 discrete personalities, each one with its own superpower, and Danny the Street, a sentient, magically transporting city block ... in drag. As a feat of soaring imagination, there's nothing like it in all of superhero storytelling, yet its every flight of nitro-injected fantasy is grounded by Case's thick line work, which imposes a satisfying heft and structure to the proceedings.

This is it: Frank Miller's 1986 magnum opus, the gold standard against which all Batman stories will forever be judged, for better or worse. Miller's tale of an aged Caped Crusader coming out of retirement to fight a new breed of criminal was deliberately set outside DC's continuity, which gave Miller lots of room to play. The result is big and operatic (think Rambo meets Wagner's Ring Cycle). But it's also grim and gritty and helped usher in an era of dark, brooding heroes that remains the default superhero mode. It became such a hit both in and outside comics circles that readers of in-continuity Batman hungered to bring the book's dark vision of future Batman an in-canon reality, voting by phone to kill off Robin in 1988.


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