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Prahlada Sthuthi Malayalam 12.pdfl

Prahlada Sthuthi Malayalam 12.pdfl

Prahlada Sthuthi is a devotional hymn composed by Thunchathu Ezhuthachan, a renowned poet and scholar of Malayalam language. It is based on the Srimad Bhagavatam, where Lord Prahlada praises and prays to Lord Narasimha, the half-man half-lion incarnation of Lord Vishnu, after he saves him from his father Hiranyakashipu, a demon king who tried to kill him for his devotion to Vishnu. The hymn is very touching and expresses the gratitude and surrender of Prahlada to his Lord.


The hymn consists of 12 verses, which are mostly in Sanskrit with some Malayalam words. The first part of the hymn describes the glorious attributes of Lord Narasimha, such as his fierce appearance, his powerful limbs, his fiery eyes and tongue, his sharp teeth and nails, his long hair, his ocean of mercy, and his ability to destroy the enemies of his devotees. The second part of the hymn narrates the various incarnations of Lord Vishnu, such as the fish, the tortoise, the boar, the dwarf, etc., and how he protected the world from various dangers. The third part of the hymn declares that Lord Narasimha is the supreme soul, the refuge of the yogis, the creator of the universe, and the source of bliss. The hymn ends with a prayer to Lord Narasimha to grant liberation to Prahlada and all his devotees.

The hymn is considered to be very powerful and auspicious, and is recited by many devotees for various purposes, such as overcoming obstacles, fears, diseases, enemies, etc. It is also believed that reciting the hymn at dawn and dusk will bring peace and prosperity to one's home and family. The hymn is available in various formats, such as PDF, audio, video, etc., on various websites and platforms. Some of them are listed below:

  • [Prahlada Sthuthi (Malayalam) - Hindupedia]: This website provides the text of the hymn in Malayalam script along with a word-by-word translation in English.

  • [Prahlada Sthuthi ഭഗവതത്തല പ്രഹ്ളദ സ്തുത hinduism - YouTube]: This video provides the audio of the hymn sung by a female voice along with a slideshow of images related to Lord Narasimha.

  • [തടസ്സവു ശത്രുദഷവു മറൻ പ്രഹ്ളദ സ്തുത II Prahlada Sthuthi II - YouTube]: This video provides the audio of the hymn sung by a male voice along with a commentary in Malayalam explaining the meaning and significance of each verse.

The keyword "Prahlada Sthuthi Malayalam 12.pdfl" seems to indicate that the user is looking for a PDF file containing the text of the hymn in Malayalam script along with 12 illustrations depicting each verse. Unfortunately, I could not find such a file on the web. However, I hope that this article has provided some useful information and resources for learning more about this beautiful hymn.


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