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Buy Mens Barbour Jackets UPDATED

A slick and boxy version of the wax jackets that we know and love, this option from Superdry brings a heightened sense of modernity to the style. Not just designed for the great outdoors, this wax jacket looks just as good in your local as it does in the middle of a muddy field. That's what we call versatility. 60.

buy mens barbour jackets

Over the years, the brand of Barbour has become synonymous with waxed cotton jackets that many just call them Barbour jackets even though Barbour produces a range of jackets that are not waxed cotton. Because Barbour has such a huge range of outdoor jackets, we picked the most classic three waxed cotton jackets and compared them to one another; those are the Barbour Beaufort, the Barbour Bedale, and the Barbour Ashby.

If you want a casual companion for your jeans, chinos, corduroys, sweaters, and cardigans, the Barbour waxed jacket is definitely worth it. Apart from that, there are also not many other companies to produce a lot of waxed jackets and not many of them have the same commitment to quality and durability as Barbour has.

It is now a lot more fashion conscious and the brand is, in the UK, ubiquitous whereas years ago, it was quite exclusive and sold through what you guys call outdoor outfitters rather than regular menswear stores.

I have had more than one Barbour jacket. While you are wearing a sense of the history of style in menswear, I found the maintenance and the responsibility of owning a Barbour jacket too much for contemporary life. There are many jackets made of modern fabrics that one can simply wear and care for in a modern fashion. Barbour jackets are indeed stylish but for me not practical in my contemporary life.

I have owned various Barbour jackets since the late 1960s. I have enjoyed a couple of Bedales and a lightweight Gamefair. I rewaxed them regularly when I lived in the North of Scotland and fished the Spey and Deveron rivers for salmon and sea trout.Good times!I wore a Bedale during the Falklands episode ashore on the islands and it served me well, keeping me both warm and dry while minimizing sweating. They are undoubtedly the best and most wearable weatherproof jackets available, GoreTex included.These days I live in the desert, and my Barbour sadly hangs, unworn, in the garage.Chris P

I have owned both Belstaff and Barbour waxed cotton jackets in the past. Rather than the outdoors ones you describe I had the ones designed for use on a motorcycle. As long as they were waxed they kept the rain out. I did many miles on motorbikes in the pouring rain in the British winter and they performed well. One thing to be aware of is as they age they tend to hold the dirt and this can rub off on to your trousers or things you sit on.

You can buy the jackets direct from North Shields. The outlet is open to the public (I live in the north of England) The common uses for these here are for farmers who wear them always and destroy them in a year or two, people as a fashion statement while shopping and most while shooting clays. Not sure I would wear those gloves with them though, I think your climate might be more forgiving than a wet winter here!

Barbour is committed to extending the life of their garments, not only working for your wardrobe but the environment too. Globally the brand re-waxes and repairs 60,000 jackets. The brand also sells 100,000 tins of Barbour wax each year for people to re-wax their jackets at home.

100% of Barbour jackets are waxed cotton which is sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). The aim is to source 70% of their cotton usage more sustainably by the end of 2021 and by 90% by the end of 2024.

Yes, there is. Barbour has a selection of childrenswear for both boys and girls including Barbour jackets and ready-to-wear clothing. You and your mini-me are covered, from signature Barbour International belted jackets to the instantly recognisable Barbour Bedale.

The most popular jackets are based around three styles: the Bedale, Beaufort and Border so we'll deal with those first. The main difference between the 3 styles is the length (see below for measurements).

The Bedale is a short equestrian style jacket, the Beaufort is mid length and the Border is longer again. The images below show the three different jackets (all the same size) on the same model so you can compare the length. If you are horse riding or cycling you may want a Bedale cut so you don't end up sitting on the lower part of the jacket. If you want fuller protection afforded by the longer length or often walk through deep undergrowth you may go for a Border cut. If you want a standard length jacket that is long enough to cover a suit jacket you may go for the Beaufort. It may be that for you, it just comes down to which one you like the look of. It should be noted that the shorter jackets are lighter, for the obvious reason they contain less cloth.

The jackets in Sylkoil are prefixed by the term 'Classic' in the product name. So the Bedale, Beaufort and Border are traditional waxed cotton and the Classic Bedale, Classic Beaufort and Classic Northumbria are made from Sylkoil (think of the Classic Northumbria as a 'Classic Border'). So which is better, i hear you ask? I'm afraid we can't give a definitive answer. In terms of waterproofness, thornproofness and durability they are effectively the same. It basically comes down to which style you prefer the look of - and only you can decide that.

The 3 main styles also differ in the arrangement of their pockets and some other design qualities, and for some people this can be an important factor in deciding which style to choose. The following pictures illustrate some of the features and the table below shows which jackets have which features.

You do NOT need to add any extra to allow for undergarments or room for movement as this is already taken into account. Each jacket has what is referred to as 'chest tolerance' or 'ease allowance' which is the extra amount left for movement and other clothing layers and all the jackets we're discussing here have 9 or 10" of chest tolerance. This means that a 40" jacket will actually measure 49" or 50" all the way round the chest area. This is fairly generous, but not overly so - it is typical for outer overcoats to have a tolerance of of at least 8". If you want to see the exact sizes we got when measuring actual garments see the table below.

Some of the jackets above have a number of suitable accessories such as hoods, and liners that zip in for extra warmth. The zip in warm pile lining (Old code A306 / New Code MLI0004BR31) will fit any of the jackets (not including the Bushman / Stockman). The quilted waistcoat / zip in liner is a little more complicated. Technically, any colour will fit any jacket provided they are the same size but you really should make sure you choose the correct colour or the lining of the jacket will not match the lining of the waistcoat. Illustrated below are the Tartans and the table below that shows the correct choices of liner. Make sure you choose the same size - if your jacket is 42" choose a liner in 42". The jacket will usually have the size on the label if you are unsure eg. in this case it would say C42. If you have an older style of jacket with press studs on the inside instead of the zip for the liner, the bad news is that Barbour no longer manufacturer the liner to fit these discontinued jackets.

As authorised Barbour retailers, all the wax jackets we supply come complete with a 1 year Barbour guarantee of workmanship and materials. You should complete the registration document that comes with the jacket and return it to Barbour, and retain the other part for your records. It is highly unlikely you will need this though as Barbour jackets are contructed to the highest standards and must pass rigourous quality control checks before being sold.

The most important thing is that wax jackets are not machine washable. NEVER, EVER use hot water or chemical detergents to clean your jacket. You will remove the proofing wax and oils and the jacket will be irreversibly damaged. Only ever clean your jacket by brushing off large pieces of dirt and grit and then cleaning with a sponge using COLD water only.

We've put in the work researching, reviewing and rounding up all the shirts, jackets, shoes and accessories you'll need this season, whether it's for yourself of for gifting purposes. Sign up here for weekly style inspo direct to your inbox. 041b061a72


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