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Unlocked Strike Fighters MOD APK: Fly and Fight with the Best Jets

Strike Fighters realistically simulate air battles for players to enjoy. With each flight, you will gain more opportunities and experience. The opportunity to be ranked among the best pilots in the world. Fight with professional warriors from the regions. The reward is available immediately following the conclusion of the match. Each player can assemble a squad of fighters to use and replace one another. Furthermore, the system will organize new campaigns to recreate historical battles. You will be allowed to participate in campaigns in a variety of countries around the world.

strike fighters mod apk

Strike Fighters is an original aerial combat shooter game that puts you in the role of an elite fighter pilot and engages in fierce skies. In the game, you will fly a variety of modern fighter jets to perform various missions, including air interception, ground strike and reconnaissance, etc.

Dominate the skies! Modern jet fighters air combat game on the go!Use your phone's tilt sensor to fly modern jet fighters and engage in epic aerial battles! Shoot down enemy air force in deadly dogfights! Dodge enemy surface-to-air missiles and lethal air defense units! Hunt down and destroy enemy ground forces using precision guided weapons!* Straight to action air combat flight game!* Easy controls using accelerometer (tilt sensor)!* No cockpit view, no complex controls to learn!* Random mission generator for infinite replayability!* Different mission types including air-to-air and air-to-ground missions!* Level up and earn more credits to unlock more advanced airplanes!* Become an Ace pilot! See how you rank against your friends on Google Play Games!* In-app purchases for optional features (mission setup and custom loadout screens)!* Unlock over 500+ combat aircraft from 42 countries! (with in-app purchases)* Fly over 17 global hot spots, from Europe, Middle East to Asia! (with in-app purchases)* Desert Storm 1991 US aircraft and squadrons! (in-app purchases)* Cold War Europe 1980s aircraft and squadrons! (in-app purchases)* Vietnam War 1972 US aircraft and squadrons! (in-app purchases)This app contains advertising and social sharing through Google Play Games. If you have any interest in aviation, download Strike Fighters now!

More than 500 different planes are provided by Strike Fighters. But need to buy in-app of the game. Each aircraft is designed in its own style. For example fighters, jets, and more. They are all inspired by real life. With military planes manufactured by major countries. The difference between them is reflected in the design and performance. At the same time, they can equip additional support weapons. The capabilities of each aircraft are assessed through indicators. Depends on your playstyle and preference for a plane. Can accumulate money to buy, and from there will be able to control the battle.

Strike Fighters Mod is the most engaging simulation action game of all time with the most dramatic, fierce air battles. The game provides players with the most beautiful, modern, and most advanced fighters. Players only need to use their skills to control the aircraft to fight and destroy all enemies.

Strike Fighters Mod is one of the extremely attractive action games. The game simulates the most dramatic and fierce matches in the air. When participating in this game, it is certain that players will be overwhelmed by the extremely amazing, beautiful and modern aerial fighters. Players will need to use their own skills to be able to control these planes to fight and destroy all enemies.

When participating in this game, gamers will have the opportunity to transform into skilled pilots, professionally using their own drone skills to be able to defeat opponents. This will be an extremely bloody battle that gives players a sense of attraction, charisma and high stimulation. This game also gives gamers completely different missions including air combat and air-to-ground. The game map simulates 17 completely different hotspots around the globe stretching from the Middle East, Europe to Asia with 289 completely different types of fighters from 39 different countries.

An aerial battle is about to take place and the players will be the main characters in this fight. Throughout the game are terrible and horrific plane crashes. Players will choose their own fighters, control them flexibly, skillfully in the sky and attack enemies with bullets or missiles available in their own aircraft. Defeat all the opponents in the sky, you will win. In turn, players will cross the maps to be able to reach the final battles, you will be fighting scary and dangerous bosses.

Towards the end of the battle, the players will encounter more and more difficult tasks, you will have to face countless more powerful enemies. Therefore, players will need to upgrade their own fighters or buy other types of aircraft with more massive weapons.

You have flown the fighter planes and started your flying journey. But your task will be to confront the enemies who fly potent fighters. They know you have a fighting talent, so they want to prevent you from starting a war of destruction. So you must shoot down all your enemies by plane and show your strength. Powerful planes will be your tools to search and track down your enemies. And when you identify them, you will start the war to destroy the enemy in the air. Fight in campaigns with your powerful aircraft and take down all your enemies.

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