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Season 22005

It indicates that you have exceeded the maximum number of simultaneous downloaded titles from the same license agreement. Our content is typically licensed in bundles of titles from individual studios and distributors. In some cases, there may be limits to the number of titles from the same agreement that you can download at the same time. We will only enforce these limits when required by licensing agreements. We are typically able to offer complete seasons of TV shows for simultaneous download, but you may encounter this error when downloading multiple episodes from different seasons.

Season 22005


MONROE, La. - The Lamar women's basketball team shot its second-lowest field goal percentage of the year as the Lady Cardinals lost 64-47 at Louisiana-Monroe in their season-finale Wednesday night at Fant-Ewing Coliseum.

The Lady Cardinals did set a new season-high with 12 blocked shots, including a season-best four for Mustard. Junior Audrea Samuel equaled her season high with three and freshman Shaquita Coffey added three.

Background: After an awful 1-5 start, the Drew Bledsoe-led Bills had a remarkable second half of the season, winning six straight games (all by double digits) heading into the season finale against Pittsburgh. As a result, with a win against the Steelers the Bills were guaranteed a playoff spot. To make things sweeter, the game was in the friendly confines of Ralph Wilson Stadium. To make things even sweeter, the 14-1 Steelers had already clinched the #1 seed in the AFC Playoffs and was planning on playing mostly backups in this (by their perspective) meaningless season finale. This included sitting down Ben Roethlisberger and Jerome Bettis. Replacing them would be the immortal Tommy Maddox and undrafted rookie free agent Willie Parker, who had ran for grand total of 84 yards on the season up to this point. This was a game the Bills had to win.

Manifest's 19th season is supported by the generosity of tens of thousands of contributors to the ArtsWave Community Campaign, by a sustainability grant from the Ohio Arts Council, and through the generous direct contributions of individual supporters and private foundations who care deeply about Manifest's mission for the visual arts.

The second season of Kaun Banega Crorepati, known as Kaun Banega Crorepati Dwitiya (Kaun Banega Crorepati the Second, or KBC 2), the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? aired from 5 August to 24 December 2005, hosted by Amitabh Bachchan.

Geneva, 7 November 2005 - The northeast coastal areas of Honduras and Nicaragua are being affected by theremnants of a low- pressure system in the aftermath of Hurricane Beta,which has now been downgraded to a tropical depression.ACT members in Honduras report thatheavy rains for the last five days have caused extensive flooding in thedepartment of Colon. To date 5,215 persons have been evacuated and1,192 have been relocated to shelters. The national agency for disasterresponse COPECO reported on Friday that more rains were expected for thefollowing 24 hours. According to official reports 105 houses have beendestroyed and there are extensive losses to subsistence crops and cattle.November is the end of the rainy season, therefore, the soil is saturatedand very prone to flooding.

The 2005 Children's Fishing Derby season is off to a great start. Young anglers, both boys and girls, have started the season off reeling in some real beauties. Channel catfish, largemouth bass and sunfish stocked over the years by the Division's Hackettstown Hatchery are growing nicely and pulling down fishing bobbers all over New Jersey's park ponds. Loud screams of excitement mark the locations around the pond where youngsters are bringing in these trophies. Big smiles and even bigger fish tales are making for some great bragging rights in schools and photos in hometown newspapers.

With 40 events completed already this season, the Hackettstown Hatchery crew is looking forward to June's 45+ derbies to continue to bring family fun and smiles to thousands of faces around New Jersey. June derbies will be held in 18 different counties around the Garden State. 041b061a72


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