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The Boys' Latin admissions team is here to help guide you through your admissions experience. If you are ready to apply, want to learn more about our programs, looking to connect with a teacher, coach, or admissions officer, we are here to help. We invite you to come and spend some time with us. Because we know, the closer you look the better it gets.

The Boyz - Here

Daniel James Brown, Author: There were no scholarships for rowing at the University of Washington in those days. As long as you were in good standing on the crew, they would find a part time job for you somewhere on the campus. And for somebody like Joe Rantz that made all the difference.

Eric Cohen, Rowing Historian: There were multiple men on that team that were finding it hard to survive and had found it hard to survive up to the time that they had gotten to Washington.

Narrator: By June of 1934, at the end of his first year on campus, Joe Rantz had emerged as one of the strongest rowers on the freshman crew. He joined his Washington Huskies teammates on a journey across the country to Poughkeepsie, New York, site of the national collegiate rowing championship. There, Rantz and his teammates would face crews from Cornell, Columbia, and Penn -- opponents with backgrounds very different than their own.

Narrator: Thousands of fans attended regattas where they cheered their favorites from beaches, docks, rooftops, ferries and even open observation trains that ran the length of race courses.

Judy Willman, Daughter of Joe Rantz: It was almost like it was effortless. They came out of that sitting up instead of gasping. There was a huge amount of press and speculation of whether this was an Olympic team.

One of the more vocal dissenters was Bobby Moch. Just five feet seven and 119 pounds, Moch was a coxswain, tucked in the rear of the racing shell, where light weight was an advantage. A Coxswain commanded the pace and direction of the boat, and ensured the rowers in front of him were fully in concert.

Radio Announcer (Archival): And there they go! Seven finely trained crews, churning the fog-shrouded waters of the upper Hudson, in the supreme rowing test of power, speed and coordination.

Daniel James Brown, Author: He actually worked in a pulp mill as a kid. And there was an unfortunate consequence of that. Fumes in the mill damaged his lungs. So it made him very susceptible to respiratory illnesses. He had a very hard time shaking them off.

Daniel James Brown, Author: They put it to him almost as an ultimatum and that was a very unusual thing. Ulbrickson thought about it for a bit and he decided this was a case where he had to trust the instincts of the boys. He was gonna put Don Hume in the boat.

We are proud to be working with the Vaad of Northern California to provide Kosher supervision for our bagel, bialy, and challah dough production and baking on site at our new wholesale facility in Berkeley. This allows our wholesale production to be kosher. Bagels bagged in our new facility will bear the Vaad's symbol on bag tags and will be sold all over the Bay Area. Bagels baked there will also be available for catering pickup. This supervision is replacing East Bay Kosher supervision, and is effective as of March 24.

oh yeah and i forgot to mention that theyre barely promoting this song at all like if u go on their instagram the concept photos arent even arranged all together like in normal cb cycles theyre just. thrown in there with all of the other individual posts from the members

Sally marries before the end of the year. She marries a much older salesman who has to take her to another state where it is legal to marry girls who are under fourteen. Esperanza believes Sally married to escape her house. Sally claims to be happy because her husband sometimes gives her money, but her husband sometimes becomes violent and angry as well. He does not let her go out, talk on the phone, see her friends, or even look out the window. Sally spends her days sitting at home and looking at the domestic objects around her.

The refreshing Hawaiian wind blows through Ala Moana Center, the world's largest open-air shopping center. There are more than 350 shops and restaurants to explore, including multiple department stores, first-class boutiques and over 160 dining options. The center's retailers specialize in everything from casual wear to unique Hawaii surf gear and much more. Join us at Ala Moana Center in Honolulu, HI for a shopping excursion in paradise, and don't forget to enjoy the hula performances.

It's just something special here at camp and it's really hard to explain with words. You just have to be here. It only takes a spark to get a fire going...and that's what camp is, a whole bunch of sparks combining into one large fire, and if you stand by the fire, it not only warms you, but consumes you with joy. 041b061a72


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