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Tribe Nine

A poor Tribe based out of Ōta that cares less about XB and more about causing chaos and destruction wherever they go. What they lack in skill, they make up in dirty tactics. Their leader, Fucho Sonoda, is constantly under assault by other tribe members that threaten to take his head, and he violently crushes them to maintain his position.

Tribe Nine

The year is 20XX. In "Neo Tokyo Country," the youth form "Tribes" to find a place to belong. Conflicts between Tribes intensify and the government passes the "XB Law" so that these conflicts can only be resolved through Extreme Baseball. Players can throw, hit the ball, and each other and the radical sport garners an enthusiastic audience. A bullied boy named Haru Shirokane who wants to become stronger and Taiga, who came from across the sea, meet the strongest XB player and leader of the Minato Tribe, Shun Kamiya. He will lead them against a man who aims to control all the tribes.

Months after the fall of Chiyoda Castle, Neo Tokyo and the game of XB have slowly gone back to normal. That is, until the Minato Tribe gets two unexpected visitors: former tribe member Kazuki Aoyama, and former prince Ojiro Otori. While they two settle into everyday tribe life, a familiar yet sinister figure is working in the background to exact her revenge.

Viral sensation Corpse Husband will be making his anime debut as Tribe Nine's antagonist in the English dub of the new series. Funimation announced the Japanese anime adaptation of the Tribe Nine multimedia franchise in September 2021, which began in 2020 as a concept trailer of a video game by Too Kyo Games and Kazutaka Kodaka (Danganronpa, Akudama Drive). Yū Aoki is on as director and studio LIDENFILMS produces. The show premiered on January 10 in Japan, and it revolves around several "tribes" of youth in the futuristic city of Neo Tokyo who participate in a game called Extreme Baseball.

The Internet star regularly infuses anime into his music (like with Death Note and Devilman Crybaby references), and his naturally low voice seems to pair perfectly with the creepy and intimidating aura of Ojiro. Corpse Husband's Japanese counterpart for the villain, who heads the Chiyoda tribe in the series, is Junichi Suwabe, known for voicing similarly daunting characters like Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez in Bleach, Ryomen Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen, and Shōta Aizawa in My Hero Academia. 041b061a72


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