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By Roland E. Williams

At four, or a little after

Silently to the shore

Boat straining young bodies

Today not everyone is present

No one minds

No one must care

This time of day silences sounds

All are being quiet as they begin

Tongues too heavy to move

Now still far to go

Will they recall that?

Now they pull,

They raise,

They lower,

And out they go

Great big swells beneath them

A little farther

A little more

Almost there, the first one coming up

It’s dark, don’t get hurt

One pulls,

One coils,

Others raise their feet,

Conger eel aboard!

Not too bad, for the first

Been better, and been much better,

But been worse too

They’re still quiet

And you don’t know why

No time to attend to that

Just keep hauling, next’s coming up!

There’s a lot of flapping

And almost as much snapping

The pails are filling up

The splashes are louder

This hour silences less

This fellow’s small, should he go back?

Sure to be someone else’s catch

There’s a lot of silver

And rainbow colors

And so many specks

And stripes!

#Fishing #Lifestyle


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