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A Profile of Love

By Roland E. Williams

She does not raise her hand to wipe her tear

She wants it there for there’s no reason to remove it.

It is the joy she has derived from all he is,

To her, he is, all that and so much more.

She has made him all this, if only she knew

She has made her heart feel this joy

And she has made her tears show this joy

She has made it possible to love him so deeply

She has made him love her so deeply

And her tears have made his tears

And her joy has made his joy

And her heart is witness to his

showing how much hers has given his.

She has received freely, that which she has given freely

And she has given more than his share’s worth

And so shall receive now endlessly, on and on

Till forever has come and gone…

#Features #Life #Love


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