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A Story That Never Ends

By Roland E. Williams

The shyness of your laughter

The tenderness of your words

The contents of your heart

The fullness of your voice

The freshness of your thoughts

The sincerity of your advice

The eternity of your friendship

The boundlessness of your truth

The completeness of your honesty

The whisper of your friendliness

The embrace of your companionship

The serene respect of you forgiving

The pain of those moments we had

The joy when they were passed and gone

That contagious sound most heard!

The righteousness of a true friend

The firmness of your willingness

The question not answerable

About all that this says

That it is quite a bit

THAT it never is nor will be

‘tis the beginning of beginnings

Of this wonder of wonders

This muse of amazement

This goddess of inner beauty

This…story that never ends…

This saint who is you

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