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By Roland E. Williams

I could just see you lying there Fully covered in dark brown skin I saw it from all the way here In that dream I would soon begin

I have no dreams you are not in

May you wish to rescue me from sin Know that sinners do not love this pure Of this my love you can be quite sure And this my love shall never wear thin

You now enlighten the obscure

I then dreamt a smile on your face And had dressed you in fine thin lace While your legs dangled from the bed I searched for words I could have said

Simply a sigh to make me strong

When the moments become too long A separation, my heart cries Before it can do any wrong Your love ensures it never dies

You make all my problems seem small

I humbly waited for your call You who owned me from the start Saving all my love on your wall And not missing a single part

You are the poem of my heart

#Poetry #Love #Heart #Lifestyle #Dreams #Affection #Life #Contentment #Beauty #Appreciation #Smiles #Perfection


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