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By Roland E. Williams

A love lost is a love wasted, but at least you had that

Maybe it was just not meant to continue on

Can this not be for the best? CAN this be for the best?

A love lost, a love not yet in full bloom, must be a wasted one

A wasted love, who knows what the future holds?

If only that that love would not be gone tomorrow

If only there wasn’t the need for this to happen

Sorrow, upon sorrow has my heart felt

Sorrow, upon sorrow has burdened it

A wasted love! Hopefully we’ve learned from the past

As sure as that love was, be it only so short

The feeling you felt will not diminish,

But only find company of many more to come

But will they? You can only hope to be so fortunate

A wasted love? Maybe; but you must go on…

#Love #Lifestyle #Hurt #Dreams #LifeExperiences #Reflection #Emotions #Life #Friendship #Feelings #Thoughts #Relationships


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