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By Roland E. Williams

As if set on a goal I thought couldn’t happen anymore

Not now, not this lifetime, not that lucky

It must have shot me when I was totally unaware

But, true, it was a clear and accurate one

Piercing right through to the core

Did it not?

As if set on a goal I thought was not mine anymore

In the end, shall I or shall I not be that lucky

(One) I must have been the compatible one

The one you seem too to have been looking for

As I was looking for you and you did come

Did you not?

As if set on a goal I truly hope to consummate

Even though at times I feel much less lucky

Must I eschew loving you when I can think of nothing else

Nothing else can matter and matter it shall not

Except this, a brief moment of luck, a crossing of paths

Will it last or not?

Comparing you as Shakespeare did, to the darling buds

Of May and a fair summer’s day, I shall not, for it is beyond all that

It is plainly beyond any comparison I can think of

How well we fitted in each other’s arms, ahhh, I so long for that

Once more to be together as if hovering above the floor

Did we not?

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