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Endless as it seems

By Roland E. Williams

The discomfort of the night is once more here

With disturbing ease it has crawled upon me.

The blackness that has taken control of my mind

The quivering that accompanies my sobbing heart.

The heaving chest exploding with stabbing pain.

Acidulous tears dripping quietly from red shot eyes.

My restless mind craving for anything but rest.

The sure signs of a long and lonely night to come.

The song that is ours rippling through the night.

The fragrance that is yours clinging to my olfaction.

A pain emitting both happiness and sadness together.

Longing for that expected tomorrow to come.

And tomorrow comes and I am jubilant.

But I soon realize that this one and mine are not the same.

And I am left once more to sorrow this fact,

as the endless discomfort of the night, once more, settles in.

#Happiness #Rest #Loneliness #Tomorrow #Night #Sadness


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