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By Roland E. Williams

You should have seen the Ten-pounder we hooked

Down at the bridge

My boy’s eyes all shiny

And the smile I can never forget

Neither of us knew what to do

So we played it along

So long as it doesn’t dartle

It will be good

We kept playing it along

Let Mr. Fish decide what he wants to do

We can go down off the bridge

Onto the rocks, my boy said

You think we can make it and still have it?

Let’s try, I agreed

But then Mr. Fish showed his impatience

And did what a Ten-pounder could do

He broke the line in two

You swallowed my only hook

Now what’ll I do?

My boy’s disbelief

Turned quickly to silent approval

I don’t mind, he said

We’d have thrown him back in anyways

But we know we had had him

And we know we know

And he smiled

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