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By Roland E. Williams

Have I said how your brightness illuminates my soul

That feels so heavily burdened, for I know not what will happen

Tomorrow or in a moment, when our backs are turned?

Have I said how your intellect tingles my very being

That is utterly confused, for I know not what will come to pass

Between now and then, if ever, when ever?

Have I said how your learned mind comprehends kindness

That it should burn my flesh from a mere brush of your hand

Between my sigh and your sob, we should become one?

Have I said how the words from your lips are inherently poetic

They cause my mind to sway back and fro’, with each one of them

And in my embrace we have become one?

Have I said how you dance like a ripple of wind, being everywhere

And ever so slightly present in my arms, to hold me,

To move me to exhilaration?

Have I said how your beauty is magnified infinitely in my eyes

Even in your absence it grows timelessly on without end

And my heart now soars above the skies?

Have I said how perfectly petite you are, and I need no longer

Turn to my dreams to find that perfect woman of my dreams

For are you not now here, transformed to all this?

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