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By Roland E. Williams

The early morning light is the first I see of Him

Next I see His artistic expression on your face

The morning dew a reminiscence of His breath

The aroma of the green world outside His wake-up call

The fresh morning water glides through His fingers

As He showers me

When I see you smile at the breakfast table

I am reminded to thank Him for having you

The kisses you blow to me flow on whiffs of air

Which He gently pushes forward

And soon thereafter they land

Snugly on my cheeks

The complexity of faces that are presented

Each unalike to the other, yet so very much alike

For they are all reflections of His semblance

Whether they fuss or smile or laugh

He expresses your un-worded feelings

With a smile on your face

Surrendering my faith daily to His care

Man’s contraptions take me to where you are not

Yet He preserved His best image of you in my mind

Insurance that the day be neither tedious nor burdensome

My faith is strengthened even more

When He returns me home to you

And as the day is ending I begin to realize

That He smiled when He gave me this day as well

One more day gifted to me

To have shared with you

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