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By Roland E. Williams

How often I played your song

Soon I had made it also mine

I could never wish for a better one

And how often I thought of you

Your smile, it made you

As much as you made it

I remember your fragrance

It still smothers all others

I remember your first kiss

A stolen moment of desire

I remember our first time

Both incapable of waiting

I have never found the words

To describe that moment

And I never will, will I?

To date, it is still alive

Perpetually replaying

No thought stronger

Nothing lasting longer

I remember your adoration

So incomparably complete

I remember little good

Only you could expand

To life-size importance

And I remember a few bad

You condensed to insignificance

I remember my reasons

For leaving you

How petty they’ve seemed since

#Love #Kisses #Romance #Life #Relationships


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