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By Roland E. Williams

I still at times long to hold and caress your beauty

Although time, and your many lovers, have diminished that

But now your lovers take you for granted

They have not realized that they have made you what you are

And that you have made them what they are

I still at times look upon you and say, Yes, you are mine

Your lovers say the words too, but they are without meaning

How can they live with themselves, when they have treated you so?

How can they not see what they have done to you?

How can they not tell what they are still doing to you?

And that this must soon, very soon, end?

I still at times cherish the moments we spent together

Your whispers in my ears I have not forgotten

Your sighs as I stood looking out over the seas

And enjoying your beauty, your soberness, your calm

Your cleanliness, your naturalness, your complacency,

Your serenity, your togetherness, your abundance, and all

Yes, all, that I cannot mention, for they are too numerous

But you know I know what they were, and what they can be again

If only we were to all love you as completely as we always did,

our sweet Sint Maarten

#Disappointment #Love #SintMaarten #Lovers #Life #Appreciation #Relationships


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