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By Roland E. Williams

The imprint you’ve made remains

For it is not merely an impression

It resides within every part of me

My heart and soul are now yours

I’ve made you master of my future,

Benefactor of my inner senses,

Ruler of all that I am and can be

Your image shall never ever fade

It grows stronger each moment

And it is magnified by the barriers

And by all that stands between us

It is that which I so long to see

For time has tried its very best

To diminish that loving image

Your voice still trembles within me

Resonating through my very bones

And the smile that at times appears

How sweet life can be when together

And the assassin being apart can be

But my love has never felt stronger

And it will eternally grow more so

Your touch I remember so vividly

Angelic as God meant it to be

Stroking not only my warm flesh

But inflaming all within my body

Yet extinguishing it masterfully

We will continue being the paradox:

TWO who cannot be more than ONE

#Love #Life #Impressions #Union #Relationships


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