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It’s Truly No Surprise Alex Klein’s Stage Name is SAWLTY!

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir

From the historically rich community of Vieux Fort, located on the most southern tip of Saint Lucia and named after a fort which once overlooked Saint Vincent — sprung talented Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and Drummer Alex Klein. ‘SAWLTY’ is the name you will hear Alex being called and this is no surprise — observing the flavour this prolific artiste brings to the stage during his live performances.

Alex is highly commended by his comrades and within his musical cliques, for his uniquely diverse flair when delivering the music he sings best — contemporary gospel. From a ripe, young age, Sawlty began both composing and penning original songs which were undeniably different from traditional music of the same genre. This has always been a natural practice for him, having been appreciating and experimenting with the artform from as far back as he can recall.

Alex Klein A.K.A. SAWLTY

The young creative has performed at school concerts and camp activities, backed by ‘SALT’, his brother’s band. ‘The collaborative group has featured at ISCCF events, ‘Praise Explosion’ 2013 and the National Prophetic Youth Convention. Securing the sought-after third place position at Youth Fest 2012/ 2013 increased Alex’s popularity. His performances have since been sustained, greatly impacting audiences with his unique style which dexterously fuses singing with rap.

Multitalented, crafty, distinctly soulful — as a reborn believer and follower of Jesus Christ, SAWLTY shares through music — the hope and freedom he has discovered and now enjoys through his close connection with God.

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