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Megabite drops an avalanche of music HIT after HIT!

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir

Inspirational dancehall? You better believe it! Megabite, as he is known on stage can oh so easily piece together dancehall melodies with uplifting lyrics which fans of all ages can both rock and relate to as demonstrated with his latest hit single Gyal You Up. Born Jose Victor, this young, vivacious artiste is bursting with life and vigour both on and off the stage. His trademark, that innate sense of humour which is the magnet which draws his fans to him; that very trait which those closest to him so treasure, coupled with his unstoppable knack for adventure. The 26-year-old is unrestrainable, dropping hit after hit even with a regular day job. So what motivates him musically and inspires his creative bone? In the SpotLyght Magazine was curious about this and other aspects of the artiste’s musical journey so we put him in the Open Mic chair.

In the SpotLyght Magazine: What is your full name?

Megabite: My name’s Jose’ Victor.

In the SpotLyght Magazine: How did you get started within the music industry?

Megabite: I started doing music at the age of fifteen. I began writing and composing at St. Mary’s College from Form three.

In the SpotLyght Magazine: Did you always have a passion for music or was it something which grew on you?

Megabite: I used to perform for Talfest and other shows and have always had a passion for music, however it was a friend X5, also an artiste who introduced me to the recording aspect of it.


Jose ‘Megabite’ Victor says if he had a superpower it would be teleportation, so he could be anywhere in the world he wants to be at any given time. Now why does that not surprise us?

In the SpotLyght Magazine: What genres do you do?

Megabite: Reggae, Dancehall and Soca mainly but I do write other genres such as R&B, Country and Pop.

In the SpotLyght Magazine: What are your musical aspirations?

Megabite: To be one of the biggest sensations in music worldwide.

In the SpotLyght Magazine: Do you do music full time or is it a hobby?

Megabite: I work a normal 9-5, but music is my career and not a hobby.

In the SpotLyght Magazine: Interesting! So what is your 9-5?

Megabite: I work as a Pool Server/Bartender at Capella Marigot Bay.

In the SpotLyght Magazine: How do you see the local music industry and do you think the local setting allows you enough scope to thrive as an artiste and realise your artistic dreams?

Megabite: I think there is a lack of creativity with local music which is given the consistent, heavy rotation through radio stations today. The local music scene is very difficult in the sense that artistes spend a lot of money trying to get their music out there and don’t get the due returns. Artistes and musicians must be true lovers of music to be successful, by being constantly and ceaselessly at it.

In the SpotLyght Magazine: Ok so how are you directly impacted by the local shortcomings within the music industry which you mentioned?

Megabite: Radio refuses to play our music and give us heavy rotation, they tend to play other types of music like international music and local Kuduro. These get more attention than our good music.

In the SpotLyght Magazine: How do you think your music influences people?

Megabyte: To begin with I would like to see my music playing everywhere in St. Lucia, then take flight throughout the Caribbean and then hit the international scene.

In the SpotLyght Magazine: How would you like to see your craft impact your fans?

Megabite: My music is well crafted and my fans tend to like it because it has a message, unlike the new school music which is non-carish and in which the artistes say whatever they wish. My music on the other hand is well-structured and most of my songs tell a story, even my party tracks. People can actually envisage what I am saying when I sing my songs. I impact my fans through the messages shared through my songs.

In the SpotLyght Magazine: How is Megabyte different from other local, regional and international artistes?

Megabite: My style is differEnt, I sing differently, my voice is different. I can sing with a very deep tone one minute and tomorrow I can be singing a song with a smooth, sweet tone. I sing about break ups, all different things which happen in everyday life. I am very diverse and my music always has a message which someone who has been in the situations I sing about can relate to. I never sing what has been already been sung—I try to use different words and represent what people are afraid to say. I can be very raw at times, but my aim is to allow people to see the picture as vivid as I can portray it.

In the SpotLyght Magazine: What are your life aspirations?

Megabite: In life I see myself achieving billboard chart status with at least one of my songs. I also aspire to be a counselor for the youth of the ghettos and also secondary school students, because they are at the critical stage where they can become victims to so many negatives in the world.

In the SpotLyght Magazine: What social ill bothers you the most?

Megabyte: The social ill which ruffles my feathers the most is the fact that there are so many wealthy people all over the world, yet so many people who are unable to attain basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing. I think more can be done in assisting the needy.

In the SpotLyght Magazine: If you were given a superpower for a week what would it be and what would you use it for?

Megabite: If I had a superpower it would be teleportation, so I could be anywhere in the world I want to be at any given time. This will also allow me to enjoy all activities in the world which I crave for. I have a knack for adventure you can tell. (He laughs)

In the SpotLyght Magazine: Are you a dad?

Megabite: I have no kids.

In the SpotLyght Magazine: Do you liken yourself to any renown artiste? If so, who?

Megabite: Well I would never compare myself to an artiste. I’ve learnt from soooooo many artistes of all genres who assisted me in finding my unique style.

In the SpotLyght Magazine: What do you see yourself accomplishing in the next four years?

Megabite: I see myself winning a huge award in the next four years. I’m not sure what award it is, but I can feel it coming.

In the SpotLyght Magazine: Is there anything else you wish to share with your fans?

Megabite: I would really like to urge everyone making good music out there who feel like their music is not penetrating the airways to continue making great music. Stay true to yourselves and don’t just follow what’s hot locally. St Lucia is a small dot in the vast world; there are avenues for getting your music out there. Have utmost faith in yourselves because you alone can lead yourself to success or failure. Help when you can and ask for help when you need it, because everybody needs help at times. If you did not need people then God would’ve put you alone on the earth.

Some great words of advice In the SpotLyght believes and I am sure you agree!


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