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By Roland E. Williams

Have you seen the nebulas in Orion

Perched amidst the clearest of skies?

I have encountered them, time and again

Deep within the brilliance of your eyes

Have you felt your heart synchronized

More accurately than an atomic clock

With one far from you, yet within you?

You bear the only key to this heart’s lock

Has your dreary life not been eclipsed

By the happiness you now carry with you?

Two halves that can certainly never again

Be spliced nor separated into two

Have I not see the crescent of the Moon

As wondrous as it could ever appear

But it was in the corners of your eyes

As I held that which I have of you near

Aren’t the rings of Saturn sheer wonder

Ever since man has come to know them

But the rings I hear in my inner ears

Have all come forth from a true gem!

Man has been searching for many eons

For true proof of Big Bang or multi-verse

But know this: our love cannot be enclosed

Within the bounds of the known universe


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