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By Roland E. Williams

You heard me asking, asking for your hand

I knew you’d take me to the promised land

Mesmerized by words of inner beauty

As you were, already, my wife to be

There is but one future: the one with you

It is the one thing that will remain true

You see our home: designed and all laid out

And the passion you embrace without doubt

Of the heated love we will make each day

During which everything else shall make way

You are my future: of that I am sure

It is sprung from a love that is so pure

I stroll at times through my mind’s images

And dwell serenely in and out places

I recognize them to be what will be

As tangibly as anything can be

That one future has a name: you and me

And our blessed common offspring to be

#Love #LifeExperiences #Relationship #Marriage #Union


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