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By Roland E. Williams

I am a prisoner of my mind, my thoughts bar me in

This world my mind has created for me is bleak at times

This mind of mine will someday perhaps be my downfall

Captured by these thoughts of only you, I’m a prisoner

Of my love for you, and only you can take off these chains

That keep me tied to you, imprisoned in these feelings

My world is but a world within your world

My world is but a shell without yours to fill it

My world has no meaning, no life, no matter without you

This I know is true…

Perhaps it is I who forsake you, abandoned you,

Thought not enough of you, cared too late for you,

Sacrificed not soon enough, not half enough,

Not whole-hearted enough, just not enough

Perhaps it is I who misled you, blinded you,

Confused you, fooled you, overturned you,

Hurt you, declined you, embarrassed you,

Perhaps it is I who poisoned your heart,

Boggled your mind and twisted your soul

Perhaps this too is true…

Will I ever know the meaning behind this love I bear?

Shall I ever find happiness in the words that I hear?

Can I ever satisfy the need I seem not to be able to let go?

Can I ever fulfill the longing that torments my heart so?

Will I ever break loose from these ball and chains?

Will my tears ever stop pouring down like rains?

Will you ever return to me again?

Can I ever ease this aching pain?

Will I ever get over feeling so exhaustingly blue?

I can only hope it will all come true…

#Bondage #Love #Heart #Care #Embarassment #Heartbreak #Hurt #Blinding #Sacriifices #Confusion #Affection #Life #Mind #Prisoner #Heartache #World


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