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By Roland E. Williams

My loving African, you are part of my roots

So now your part in me returns back to you

You’ve found for me that which I’d wanted

And lost and found, to only lose again

But here you are, in images confounded

By distances, compounded to bits and bytes

I return to you the root they took long ago

They have since mixed and kneaded it

Over and over, but your part was not removed

You have been calling, my African, so long

And there you are, only images so far

But as true as the air that keeps me alive

I cannot describe the simplicity you are to me

Your heart so meek, it is easily trampled upon

Something even a feather can break in a moment

And when you hurt, you die, yet you may not

For where you are, I ought surely to be

Protecting each other throughout eternity

How can I begin to be anything like you?

When you have humanity’s advance on me?

But then again, you are my root –not removed-

So perhaps I must awaken those dormant genes

To take me to where you are -reality awaiting-

That will teach me how to be humble again

#Africanculture #DedicationtoAfrica #AfricanTradition #AfricanHistory #AfricanDecent #Africa #AfricanRoots


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