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By Roland E. Williams

Love seemed lost

Or just hidden too far away, too deep, or too long

When it seemed

But just a dream I once had or I could have had

From the past

A memory only present within the walls of my mind

A glance of you

And it was then revealed to me, not too far away

You, my new land

Where the love lives that awaits my embrace

And my life

In nuptial bound to you naturally and eternally

Now love, not lost

Seems never to hide, nor be gone for very long

What you give

I feel within my pores and the essence of my life

It is so true

Living in me, it is my strength and my nourishment

Not a memory

It is, anymore for me, nor will it ever become one

Time’s conquest

Will be ours, for our hearts will this, adamantly

Then the moment

That my heart will know for certain, home at last

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