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By Roland E. Williams

The lies remain and joined by others

You let them

You must

You did not devise them

But you are the lie

It is your calling

Unwillingness has mastered the minds

And you, you have grown almost comfortable

With being the lie

After knowing you had to convince yourself

That it is best to hate one person

Instead of two


Who parented you as the lie

One half refusing recognition

The other’s nose bleeds

But not that dark blood

That which your heart secretes

Ever since and ever will

The truth will not make you less of a lie

At most you might enter the grey

The truth has been twisted

In awkward angles

Those of which lies are made of

They come to your door

Both seen and unseen

They come to your life


Bringing their lies

And all others with them

Knowledge of you they have


But that does nothing to stifle

Their assertive attitude

Where does this emanate from?

From the lie that you are

From your inability of ill-thoughts

From a future wrongly projected

The years have enslaved you

Into quietude and silence

You are now the lie

The fate you sealed

The moment you chose for love

#Emotions #Lies #LifeExperiences


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