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By Roland E. Williams

Although your bark was not more than a few years old

Your shade was grand as you proudly stretched your limbs

The fishing boats stood silently side by side every day

Happy to catch a snooze after an early morning out

That was oh-so-many years ago; hardly anyone could recall

Then hardened and matured, and you there strong as an ox

The shade you gave was full like the leaves you bore

Just a few boats remained and one half-done one as well

Drying themselves side by side on some breezy cloudy day

That was not all that many years ago; some can still recall

Your bark was bursting from its seams trying to renew itself

And the shade you gave was now filled with spots of light

But the men could all see to play their game of dominoes

While puffs of smoke whirl up and away into your embrace

That was just the other day; even I could easily recall

Now your bark is almost gone as you stand only half as tall

And there is only a memory of what once was your shade

The boats are no longer there nor are the men

They’re all out getting drunk and wet on rum again

While I stand here trying my darndest to recall

#Discovery #Nature #Trees


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