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There Was Joan of Ark and Then There’s ‘Joan Johnson’!

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir

Meet the ‘Legendary’Joan Laurencin-Johnson — an iconic role model for several young, aspiring females sharing her creative interests. Prominently positioned among some of the most attractive St. Lucian women, it is no surprise why Joan’s tenure within the local fashion world was an extensive one.

Her entrance into her first beauty pageant later led to Joan being numbered among the key influencers who comprised the unit which gave birth to the Saint Lucian Fashion and Modelling industry. ‘Aunty Joan’, as she is affectionately called by many youngsters, quickly gained prestige and recognition on the local fashion scene — securing an innovative spot, while leaving her unforgettable mark as a resourceful contributor.

Some may wonder what ‘Afro’ Joan’s mantra is. —”Life is short and unpredictable, so live good to feel good and look good, look good, look good!,” she brazenly advises.

A very adventurous fashionista to say the least, this one-of-a-kind mentor was inarguably one of the notable trendsetters of her day. The lovely Lucian lady could easily be spotted in any dense crowd, prominently gabbed down with outfits such as cool hipsters and striking platform shoes, accentuated with captivating accessories which spoke volumes. One has to admit that few people were capable of creating such an unforgettable first visual impression.

Joan Johnson ‘Centre Stage Feature’

Flavourful fashion shows soon became her forte as she assumed the role of an advisor on the board of various committees, entrusted with the organisation of local beauty and talent shows. Her successful coaching and chaperoning stints with the Carnival Queen pageants attest to, not just her industry knowledge, but also her application and implementation skillsets.

The age-old artform of make-up artistry is yet another hobby Joan pulled out of her hatful of surprises. She has gifted many with the thrill of observing themselves from a totally different perspective — not only beauty-conscious females, but also brides-to-be and others desperately needing an urgent picker-upper for their big, momentous events.

‘Aunty Joan’ is undoubtedly a talented, balanced ambitious woman who when summoned, is sure to respond to the call of duty. Many will in unison agree that Joan Johnson’s legacy and impartation of knowledge to her friends, associates and the wider society, have created for her a legacy which won’t be forgotten.

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