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Whoever said Purple was just a colour was wrong!

Kevin Walters also known as Purple was born in Alexandria in the parish of St. Ann, Jamaica; the birthplace of legends like Bob Marley and Burning Spears, founders of sweet reggae music. Purple later relocated to Waterhouse, Kingston as an infant with his parents and his four other siblings. He is a man of many talents; musician, singer, songwriter and producer who started playing the keyboard professionally in 1995. He attended the Edna Manley College of the Visual & Performing Arts where he first mastered his talent.

The stage name Purple represents life; the two colors that are combined to produce purple are red and blue; red representing power and blue, calmness. The artiste himself is calm yet powerful when it comes to the delivery of his work.Growing up, his father who himself is a musician taught Purple how to play the guitar. He later learned to play the keyboard attending church which was additional motivation for him, driving him to make music his profession. He took his career to another level in 2008 when he started recording professionally. Songs recorded during that period included Sweetest Sound and Stay Low.

Stay Low describes the reality of how citizens react living in the poverty stricken community of Garrison during violent outbreaks.Stay Low was released in August 2012 and has been getting air-plays on local and international radio stations. Purple has steadily been building a fan base from the beginning of hid career. He recently performed at two of Kingston’s most trendy and popular night spots; Christopher’s Jazz Cafe and Red Bones Blue Cafe where patrons respond positively to his soothing voice, strong stage presence and his ability to satiate his crowds.With role models such as Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Stevie Wonder and Boyz II Men; Purple intents to inspire, educate and change the world through his music.


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