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By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir

To sit with the aged, the wise, the endured

Old souls, sages, dreamers, positive thinkers

Optimists, the gifted, rich-spirited

To learn, be educated, become enlightened

I want to sit with the broken-spirited

The broken-hearted, down trodden

The oppressed, the downcast and ostracised

To comfort, soothe, pacify, reassure

Give strength, hope and life!

To sit with gossipers, tale-bearers,

Strife-makers, critics, the judgmental

Presumptuous, persecutors, accusers

Oppressors, black-hearted, envious

Haters and pessimists is but my desire

If their lives I can impact in a meaningful way

To transform them for the better

Offer a different view of existence

A renewed perspective and lease on life

In essence, we can dine with people

But we choose who we sup with

And if the next supper can save a soul

Then by all means go on and make reservations!

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