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By Roland E. Williams

Has there been a sunrise without a thought of you?

A heartbeat for you that was ever untrue?

An intake of air that has not left me glowing?

The warmth of your love so overflowing

My mind as contented as a calm sea.

Embraced by your arms tight around me.

We shall become more one than one can be.

What more can two ask who are so happy?

Has there been a noon I have not craved your delight?

An encounter of our souls and bodies during daylight,

Afternoons setting a trend for greatly deep passions

Showing that every fiber has so many affections

The heat of this day not half near its ultimate peak

Just the embrace of two without the need to speak

Together being one now we lovingly consummate

What more can two ask who are so very fortunate?

Has there been a night fall without feeling you?

Missing you so much that I become so blue?

Aching so for you it takes my breath away,

And this is not even yet the end of the day?

The spasms flowing through my limp being

Yearning the reality of visions I am seeing

Connecting our all to more than one whole

What more can two ask who are mates of soul

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